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Kinz Kanaan

Small Planets - Earring - Golld Plated SIlver

Small Planets - Earring - Golld Plated SIlver

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KINZ KANAAN — From the Rythm Collection.

Small hoop earrings in 925 Sterling silver and gold plated in 14- karat gold. Set with Cubic zirconia.
The pins can be removed for a more minimalistic look or they can be added back onto the ear ring on a more eventful occasion. Sold as a single earring.

The Small Planets has six great golden spheres orbiting a cosmic golden band. Only when these planets align, can we become one with ourselves and the universe. The Small Planets can be worn as a single or in a pair. The planets pins can be styled in different ways, matching your current mood and rhythm.
Follow your Rhythm it knows the way

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