Jewellery Repair

THE PROCESS — Jewellery Repair

Step 1 - Consultation and Assessment

Every jewellery repair at Nord By Thomsen begins with a detailed consultation. Whether you visit us in our boutique in the heart of Copenhagen or connect with us online, we carefully assess your piece and discuss the necessary repairs, restoration goals, and budget. Our goal is to understand your vision and the sentimental value behind each piece, ensuring a personalized and thoughtful repair process.

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THE PROCESS — Jewellery Repair

Step 2 - Detailed Repair Plan & Estimate

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we create a detailed repair plan. We will evaluate the best methods to restore your jewelry to its former glory. We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate, including the repair process, materials required, and a timeline for completion. Transparency is key, and we ensure you are informed every step of the way.

THE PROCESS — Jewellery Repair

Step 3 - Expert Restoration and Craftsmanship

Your cherished jewellery is entrusted to us and we treat each piece with the utmost care and precision. Whether it involves resizing, stone replacement, soldering, or polishing, we utilize traditional techniques combined with modern technology to bring your jewelry back to life. If desired, we can also incorporate new elements, breathing new life into your treasured pieces while preserving their original essence.

THE PROCESS — Jewellery Repair

Step 4 - Pick Up or Delivery

Once your jewellery is fully restored, we’ll notify you when your piece is ready to be picked up from our boutique, or we can arrange for secure delivery to your preferred address. Your rejuvenated jewelry is now ready to be worn and cherished once again, carrying with it the memories and history of its past.

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Experience the art of jewelry repair with Nord By Thomsen. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a beloved piece that needs a little TLC, our team is here to restore its beauty and significance. Book an appointment today to start the journey of bringing your treasured jewelry back to life.