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Kinz Kanaan

Ocean Seahorse Earring - Gold Plated Silver

Ocean Seahorse Earring - Gold Plated Silver

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This earring is full of treasures from the deep ocean. The three pearls provide a delicate look while symbolizing purity, wealth, innocence and womanhood. The seashell symbolizes birth and rebirth as well as feminine forces. The spiral in the snail shell represents the spiral of life, growth and cosmic forces. The seahorse is considered both a symbol of strength and power as well as a symbol of luck, good fortune and magic.

Let this earring remind you when it is time for you to take the plunge towards making your dreams a reality and when it is time to just stand still.

Earrings in 925 Sterling silver and gold plated in 14- Karat gold. Set with 3 crystal pearls. Size: 7 cm.

The earrings are sold as single.

Gift idea:The perfect gift to your loved one as a present that will help her in every aspect of her life as a lucky charm.

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