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Kinz Kanaan

Kitah Earrings - 14 Karat Gold with Diamond

Kitah Earrings - 14 Karat Gold with Diamond

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Kitah is a loving, caring and compassionate woman. The shape of a kite is seen in this design and is symbolical to freedom and unbreakability as a diamond.
Fly away as you wish for nothing can hold you back. 
The Kitah gold earrings are created for the woman who would like a discreet and elegant look. They can be worn as a single or in a pair.

This earring is sold as single

Stud earrings in polished solid 14-karat gold.
Stone: Diamond in 2mm brilliant cut.
Quality: TW.
Total ct.: 0.03 ct. per piece.
Size: 0.9 cm.

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