Nord By Thomsen – Tax Free Service

We are pleased to offer our international customers the benefit of purchasing our products tax-free. if you buy from our store on Møntergade 14. If you buy online in a country outside the EU the tax will automatically be deducted.

Eligibility for Tax-Free Shopping:

- You reside outside the European Union (EU).

- You spend a minimum of DKK 3000 on goods in a single transaction.

- You export the goods out of the EU within three months of the purchase date.

Steps to Claim Your Tax RefundPurchase Your Items:

When you make a purchase at Nord By Thomsen, inform the sales associate that you areeligible for tax-free shopping.

Get Your Documents Stamped:

When you are leaving the EU, you must get your tax-free form and receipt stamped by thecustoms authorities. This can be done at the airport or border from where you are departingthe EU. Ensure you have the purchased items available for inspection.

Submit Your Documents:

After your documents are stamped, you need to send a picture to the email As well as your bank information, IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, accountnumber and as a picture of your passport.

Receive Your Refund:

Once your stamped documents are received and verified, your VAT refund will beprocessed. You will be refunded 20% minus a handling fee of 350Dkk. VAT as soon as thedocuments are verified.

Contact InformationIf you have any questions or need further assistance with the tax-free shopping process, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Nord By Thomsen

Phone: +45 26276062Address: Møntergade 14, 1116 Copenhagen


Nord By Thomsen